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French Teaching Minor Learning Outcomes


  1. Develop "proficiency" in:
    • writing, speaking and listening in a variety of living as well as professional contexts
    • reading various text types (newspapers, literature, college-level texts) with a high-level of comprehension
    A senior Oral Proficiency Examination is administered to all French Teaching majors before graduation. The required OPI rating for pronunciation, intonation, grammar, syntactical complexity, usage is Advanced-mid on the ACTFL Proficiency scale.
  2. Learn to use writing as a process of discovery by composing academic essays that work toward mature thinking, the orderly development of ideas, and vigorous argument.
  3. Learn to recognize and comment intelligently on the major periods and contributions of French and Francophone literature and history.
  4. Learn to appreciate the role of aesthetic experience in human experience generally, including both the universal and culturally contingent traits of the beautiful.
  5. Are equipped with the linguistic competence, general habits of thought and expression, and pedagogical training, both theoretical and practical, for professional work in foreign language teaching.