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Student Job Opportunities - French & Italian

Please note below the requirements, qualifications, and duties for Student Instructors, Writing Lab Assistants and Research and Teaching Assistants in the French and Italian Department.

Student Instructor

Student Instructors are master teachers for lower division French & Italian classes (101, 102, and 201). The classes last 50 minutes and are taught at various hours throughout the day. Stipend: semester contract of 17 hrs. a week.
1. A graduate student or senior majoring in  French or Italian
2. 3.0 overall minimum GPA (submit  official transcript or ABC report)
3. Advanced proficiency in French or Italian
4. Good faculty recommendations
Selection based on:
Review of dossier

Writing Lab Assistant

Correcting student papers for errors in grammar and style.
1. Native speakers or native fluency required.
2. Advanced knowledge of French or Italian writing and grammar.
3. Take the "Writing Lab" exam in the French and Italian Department office.
Selection based on:
Results of "Writing Lab" exam.
Knowledge of French or Italian grammar and writing styles.

Research and Teaching Assistants

Provide additional grading, research, or teaching help to individual professors in the department.
Qualifications are set by the professors themselves who hire their assistants.
Selection based on:
Individual meetings with professors.

To apply, contact the French and Italian Department and fill out an application form.

Department of French and Italian
Brigham Young University
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