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MA French Studies Handbook: Fren 690R Petition

French 690R is reserved for graduate students working with a faculty member on readings that cannot be obtained in a regularly scheduled course. The official form required to set the course up can be obtained from the department secretary.

  1. Students must work with their faculty advisor and the department secretary to register for this course.
  2. Individual readings may not be used as a substitute for any course taught in the department or other departments.
  3. Students may register for variable credit hours (1-3) in French 690R. (No more than 3 hours may be applied to the minimum of 24 hours of course work for the Master of Arts degree.)
  4. Students are to devote at least as much time to this class as they would for a regularly scheduled class. One hour classes meet one hour per week with about two hours of preparation outside of class--approximately 45 hours per semester per credit hour.
  5. Students must confer on a regular basis with the faculty member and complete all conferences, reading, writing, and examination assignments, as contracted with the faculty member, in order to receive credit for the course.