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MA French Studies Handbook: Faculty Advisors

When you first start the program your advisor will be the Graduate Coordinator or Associate Graduate Coordinator. When you have chosen an area of interest for your prospectus, you, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator or Associate Graduate Coordinator, will consider potential faculty for your thesis and orals committee.

You will need a chair of the committee who will supervise your work on the thesis plus at least two other readers/advisors. You should then approach the faculty member with whom you would like to work and request that he/she be the chair of your committee.

If you want to work with a reader who is not on the graduate faculty, Form 2 "Petition for Exception," needs to be submitted to the Graduate Office for approval. Please wait for approval before starting work with this faculty member; it may be denied. Graduate faculty from other departments can also be on your committee but they cannot be the chair of your committee. (See more details of how to work with your advisor under Prospectus and Thesis.)

As soon as you have formed your committee, please hand the names into the department secretary who will enter the committee on the computer.

Listed below are Graduate Faculty and their specialties. Note, however, that they are not necessarily limited to these areas.

  • Anca Mitroi Sprenger (Graduate Coordinator): 19th- and 20th- century literature, Gautier, Apollinaire, Ionesco
  • Wilfried Decoo: applied linguistics, language learning methodology
  • Robert Erickson : Psychometrics as it applies to second language acquisition, Measuring/assessing proficiency and achievement during second language acquisition process
  • Robert Hudson: 16th century, French lyrical tradition, Sociology and Anthropology; French film
  • Jesse Hurlbut: Medieval literature, Medieval drama, Arthurian literature, 16th century
  • Yvon Le Bras: 17th century, Québecois literature, French history/civilization (1715 to present)
  • Daryl Lee: 19th century, verse poetry, critical theory, cinema
  • Marc Olivier: 18th century, literature and science, French civilization, intellectual history
  • Corry Cropper: Mérimée, social criticism, 19th century, sport, short story
  • Scott Sprenger: 19th- and 20th- century literature, Balzac, cinema, critical theory
  • Nicolaas Unlandt: Medieval literature, Medieval German poetry, Old French, Provençal, history of the French language, French history/civilization (beginning to 1715)