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BA in French (46.5–67.5 hours*)

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  1. The French and Italian Department requires a minimum of 15 major hours to be taken in residence at BYU for this degree program. These hours may also go toward BYU's 30-hour residency requirement for graduation.
  2. Complete a minor (approximately 16–21 hours) or 15 hours of course work in an area approved by the major advisor. Courses must be approved before the senior year.
  3. Complete the following:
      HCOLL 110 : Introduction to the College of Humanities.
  4. Complete the following prerequisites (or equivalent):
      FREN 101 : First-Year French, Part 1.
      FREN 102 : First-Year French, Part 2.
      FREN 201 : Intermediate French, Part 1.
      FREN 202 : Intermediate French, Part 2.
  5. Complete the following core courses:
      FREN 321 : Advanced French Part 1.
      FREN 322 : Advanced French Part 2.
      FREN 340 : Introduction to Literary Analysis.
  6. Complete two courses from the following:
      FREN 361 : French Civilization from the Beginning to 1715.
      FREN 362 : French Civilization from 1715 to the Present.
      FREN 363 : Contemporary French Civilization.
  7. Complete five courses from the following:
      FREN 431 : Introduction to French Linguistics.
      FREN 432 : History of French.
      FREN 433 : Studies in French Linguistics.
      FREN 452R : Studies in Period, Movement, and Theme.
      FREN 453R : Studies in Genre.
      FREN 454R : Studies in Author.
      FREN 455R : Studies in Literary Theory.
      FREN 456R : Francophone Studies.
      FREN 457R : Studies in French Culture.
  8. Note: French majors can select Fren 445, 490R, or Bus M 596R as one of the five required 400-level courses to count toward the major.

  9. Complete the following:
      FREN 495 : Senior Portfolio Seminar.


Students who need to strengthen oral skills should enroll in Fren 211R, 311R, and 411R.

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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