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Upcoming Events
Thursday, Mar 05College Assessment Day
1 AM, Departments

Day reserved for assessment of student achievement.

Wednesday, Apr 15Northwest Association Accreditation Visit to BYU
1 AM, Campus

Important visit related to ongoing university accreditation.

Amélie’s Magical Realism
Amelie movie poster

French professor Robert Hudson lectures on the French film “Amélie” during the semester’s first International Cinema lecture and film showing.

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IC Lecture: Rosso Come il Cielo
Rosso Come il Cielo

Based on the life of Mirco Mencacci, one of the most famous and talented sound editors in the Italian film industry, Rosso Come il Cielo tells the story of Mirco’s struggle to cope with his blindness which was caused by an accident with an old rifle when he was 10 years old, although in Mencacci’s real life this accident took place when he has four years old.

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