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Thursday, Aug 13University Commencement
4 PM, Marriott Center

University Commencement

Friday, Aug 14College of Humanities Convocation
2 PM, Marriott Center

College of Humanities Convocation

BYU French Choir Celebrates Noël
BYU French Choir

To celebrate Christmas, BYU’s French choir performed at Edgemont Elementary School in Provo, one of 11 elementary schools in the state to offer French dual-language immersion.

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Building Fraternity
Building Fraternity Between Young and Old

PROVO, Utah (June 11, 2015)–France is not just the Eiffel Tower, fine pastries, exquisite art museums or “La Vie en rose.” The country’s vibrant energy thrives on millions of souls, some hopeful with the vitality of youth, others solitary and withered by the storms of life. What is France beyond its charming landscapes and enchanting chateaux? It is a people defined by hardship, happiness and countless moments of meaningful existence.

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